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I have two standard model fighter blades. They can be ordered as is or with some extra embelishments. They are designed to be easily manipulated in the hand. Also see my best selling, all titanium tactical folder on my standard models page.
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Click to enlarge picture Bowie
It has an 8 3/4 inch blade about 1 1/2 inch wide forged of 1095 tool steel with a selective heat treat and triple quench. It has an S guard of Nickel Silver engraved top and bottom, and Indian Stag handle with an eagle head carved on the crown.

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All Damascus Dirk
16 3/8 inches overall length, blade is forged of 486 layer maiden hair damascus of 1095 and 1050 steels. The handle is nickel damascus, hand carved including the rope filework and guard.
Currently on display at the ABS Museum
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Quillion Dagger
Forged of ladder pattern high-carbon damascus, of 15N20 and 1095 steels. Quillions and butt cap of nickel damascus. Double fluted oosik handle. Maple sheath with german-silver tip and throat. Sold
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Personal Fighter
This is a highly embellished version of my "Personal Fighter" model. It is double edged, with serrations on one side. The grind is thicker towards the tip, for extra strength.

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Winner of Blade Show's "Best Handle Design" 1997
This carved pearl beauty is sold. This blade with a micarta handle makes a very handsome knife.

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Modern Style Tanto
This wenge wood handled tanto is forged of D2 steel. The guard is turkish damascus and ivory. The sheath is also wenge wood. Sold

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Rosewood handle an sheath. This triple edge blade is hand ground with a half inch wheel. Trimmings in brass. Sold

Click to enlarge picture European Quillion Dagger
Winner of Blade Show West's "Best Hand Forged Knife" 2000 Made for the ABS MasterSmith judging, this Multi-bar nickel damascus dagger has a double fluted ivory handle inlayed with twisted 14k gold wire. Carved nickel damascus quillion guards and butt cap. -- Sold

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