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Art Knives
Here are some examples of my carving, inlays, and bronze castings, that make each piece a unique work of art.
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Lost Wax Process
I first made the eagle head and cobra heads from wax. 50 copies of each were cast in bronze. Available by order only.
** Photo by Weyer International
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Winner of Blade Show's
"Best Art Knife" 1998
and Blade Handmades "Best Art Knife of the Year" 1998
Carved in buffalo horn, with an ivory face, damascus sickle. The coffin display case is ebony. Scrimshaw globe with goblins by Sandra Brady. Sold
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Winner of R.I. Knife Show's "Best Art Knife: 1996
Eagle in a feather. Handle and blade are carved from D2 tool steel with feathers carved along tang. Finger guard is an eagle talon. Sold

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Pierce Carving
The elk horn handle is carved florals and rope work exposing buffalo horn center. Carved butt cap. Blade by George Werth.
** Photo by Weyer International.
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"Snake Dance"
Carved from a single piece of 440c steel. 14k gold fangs and rosewood display box. Sold

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Bowie with Matching Gun Grip
Carved ivory handles on this bowie and gun grip set made for Colt Custom Gun Shop.

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Carved Ivory
This little hunter features a multi-bar nickel damascus blade forged with scrolling guard. The titanium liners are fileworked the same as my folders. Carved ivory scales and leather sheath. Sold
Click to enlarge picture Proud Eagle
Winner "Best Fantasy Knife" Blade Show 1999
Each feather of this art piece is an multi-bar nickel damascus blade. The cuting edges are high carbon damascus. The head, tail and feet are carved in ivory, inlaid into the carved oosik body.

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